Cold Brew Coffee & Iced Lattes

Craveability is what keeps customers coming in-store for more

Consumers go into a convenience store knowing what they’re looking for, 80% knowing the exact item they want. But nearly 50% walk out having bought additional items along with what they had in mind– this is partially due to c-store’s tapping into what consumers crave once in-store.

Gen Z and Millennial consumers visit c-stores more frequently – 20% daily! – than older generations and are more likely to be very familiar with their food and beverage offerings. We know these younger generations are shaping today’s beverages trends with their affinity for smooth cold brew coffees and craveable ‘pick-me-ups’ like iced lattes. Premium cold coffee programs aren’t just for coffee shops anymore!


Source: Datassential C-store Keynote Report

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